Academic calendar 2017-2018

The academic calendar at SBE is divided into two semesters, a fall and a spring semester. Each semester is comprised out of three different course periods. Course periods 1, 2 and 3 compose the fall semester. Course periods 4, 5 and 6 compose the spring semester. The academic year at SBE runs from the beginning of September until the end of August (the year after).

UM card

Upon arrival at the School of Business and Economics you will receive your student identity card (UM card), which you will need to:
• identify yourself during exams;
• obtain your residence permit;
• borrow books at the University Library;
• make copies and print outs at the University Library and the School;
• purchase items from the coffee corner;
• pay for your meals at the university restaurant, the MENSA (at UM prices).

You can charge your UM card with money at SBE, for more information, check the practical guide. If your UM card is malfunctioning or if it got stolen, please stop by the IRO desk between 10.00 hrs and 11.30 hrs for assistance or email to

Student Portal

Student Portal is the electronic learning environment for all students and employees of Maastricht University, which provides educational information and is your starting point for many education related activities.

What can you find on Student Portal:
• information on the courses you attend (including a database with course descriptions);
• if you want to register for a course;
• if you need to register for a re-sit examination
• education and examination schedules;
• examination results;
• announcements from your tutor or course coordinator;
• a portal to submit your assignments;
• all necessary materials to take the course (for example literature, cases, data, sheets and old exams);
• email addresses from your tutors or coordinators;
• the entrance to a community that is especially designed for your tutorial group, where you can work individually on tasks and learning goals, and together with your fellow students on group assignments;
• Your UM e-mail account (note: access to your UM account remains possible until about 60 days after your registration as exchange student has ended. If you need to download or copy information from your account do so before it closes down).

Via UM Launchpad > MySBE Intranet:  
• information on Student Advising, Academic Counseling, International Relations Office, the Student Council, etc.;
• the Code of Conduct;
• regulations, rigths and duties.

Course registration periods and deadlines

You register for your courses via Student Portal before the deadlines. More information about course registration and deadlines can be found via:
Student Portal  

As long as you register for courses during the registration period - and before the deadline-participation is guaranteed; there is no limit to the number of participants per course. If you have specific questions regarding course contents, please contact the coordinator of that course. The coordinators’ names and e-mail addresses are mentioned in the course database.

Please note that you can register for no more than two courses per period. As exchange student you have to register for at least one course per period (6,5 ECTS). Periods 3 (part of the fall semester) and 6 (part of the spring semester) are the skills training periods (4 ECTS); these are not compulsory for exchange students. 

Skills training 

If you do want to register for a skills training please check the online course database for exchange students via the incoming exchange students webpage. You can only register for one skills course per period.


About two weeks before the beginning of each education period, the schedules are published via Student Portal

Attendance and participation in tutorial groups

You are obliged to attend your tutorial groups and are expected to participate actively. Note that this will have an impact on your grade for that course. The majority of SBE courses have a 100% attendance requirement which means that you cannot miss one single lecture or tutorial. If you do not fulfill these requirements, the consequences are yours to bare. One of the consequences could be that you will not be able anymore to pass the course successfully and thus will not receive any credits for the course. 

Grade transcripts

Once you have registered for a course it will show up on your transcript at the end of your exchange, unless you drop this course before the registration deadline or in the first week of education.

If you decide to drop the course, always inform the course coordinator or tutor officially via e-mail (including your name, ID number, name and code of the course) and copy the IRO in this e-mail.

Please note that an exchange student is required to take at least one course per course period. If you are registered for one course only, you are not allowed to drop this course. It is not possible to have fail grades removed; they will always appear on your grade transcript. Your grade transcript will be sent to your home university and to you, sometime at the end of the semester. Please do note that we do not send a hard copy of the grade transcript to your home university automatically. If your home university wishes to receive a hard copy of the transcript, the International Relations Office can be contacted via 


Every course has its own requirements students need to meet in order to pass the course. These requirements are mentioned in the course book, for example:
Presentation(s) 25%
Participation 25%
Final Exam 50% 

Grade conversion

The official Dutch grading scale as applied by Maastricht University and SBE is to be interpreted as follows:
10.0   Exceptional
9.0-9.5   Excellent
8.0-8.5   Very good
7.0-7.5   Good
6.0-6.5   Satisfactory
5.5   Sufficient
≤5.0   Insufficient

Pass grades are: Sufficient to Exceptional - performance meets at least the minimum criteria.
Fail grade: Insufficient - performance below the minimum criteria. NG = No Grade: result of unjustified absence during exam.

Registration deadlines for exams

Once you have registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the first corresponding exam. If the final result for the first chance is an insufficient grade, you are automatically registered for the so called “re-sit” (= second chance to take the exam, and hopefully pass the course). If you do not want to participate in the re-sit, you will have to deregister for the re-sit yourself.

If the final result for the first chance was a "NG" (because you did not attend the first exam; did not hand in an assignment or otherwise), you are not automatically registered for the re-sit. You will have to register for the re-sit exam yourself. The (de)registration periods are published on Student Portal. (De)registrations need to be done via the  Student Portal.

NB: If the schedule changes, it will be adjusted on Student Portal and you will be notified via your UM email account.

The examination schedule is published on Student Portal within two weeks of the start of the corresponding course period. The schedule for re-sit examinations is published in the week after the deadline for examination registration. The examination location as well as the date and time, are stated in the examination schedules (Possible timeslots for the examinations are: 9.00 - 12.00 hrs; 13.00 - 16.00 hrs; 17.00 - 20.00 hrs.).

Take into account that late changes to the schedule are possible due to unforeseen circumstances. This means that the examination schedule is always subject to change and should therefore not be treated as a static document. The variability of the examination schedule should be taken into serious consideration when booking your flight back home.

NB: If the schedule changes two or more weeks before the examination, this will be published on Student Portal. If the schedule changes less than two weeks before the examination, you will be notified via your UM email account. 

Location of the exam

The exam location plus date and time are mentioned in the exam schedules. Exams take place in large (sports) halls. The most common location is the MECC. Other locations are:
• Sporthal De Heeg;
• Music Hall Maastricht;
• Amrath Grand Hotel de l’Empereur;
• Club Pellikaan Maastricht;
• Sporthal de Geusselt.

For an exact route description of the exam locations, please check Student Portal > UM Launchpad > MySBE Intranet > Exams > examinations > Exam schedules and Locations. For information on public transport to the different exam locations, check:

Always consult Student Portal and your UM account the week before the exam for the most up-to-date information. 

Examination rules 

The exact stipulations concerning exams can be found on Student Portal > UM Launchpad > MySBE Intranet > Regulations, Rights and Duties > Rules of Procedure for Examinations. However, please already consider the following important rules:
• be on time;
• mobile phones should be switched off and in your bag or on the floor, not in your pocket or on your desk;
• watches (of any kind) are not allowed;
• for examinations that allow the use of a calculator, in general only the following types are permitted: Casio FX82 or Casio FX85 (including subtypes like FX85MS). If an invigilator sees you use a non-approved type of calculator, (s)he will report this to Board of Examiners.

Method of examination

Information about the final exam method per course can be found in the database or the relevant course book. The information in the course book is final. 

Right of inspection

The examination rules stipulate that students have the right to inspect their written exams. The course coordinator is responsible for announcing and organising the opportunity to inspect the assessed work. This is mentioned either on the front page of the test or on the course page via Student Portal > My courses

Inspections will be organized at SBE only! If you decide to return to your home country before the inspection has taken place, no other opportunity will be offered to you in order to inspect your exam.

Complaints and Appeal

If you have comments on the examination itself or do not agree with your examination result and you would like to make a comment or complaint there is a procedure in place to do this.

For the entire procedure on how to file a complaint, please refer to Student Portal > UM Launchpad > MySBE Intranet > Exams > Examinations > Comments, Complaints & Appeal.

 If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Examiners or a decision of an Examiner, you can lodge an appeal to the Examinations Appeal Board (College van Beroep voor de Examens) within six weeks. You may only appeal if a decision has gone directly against your interests. For the entire procedure on how to lodge an appeal, please refer to Student Portal > UM Launchpad > MySBE Intranet > Regulations, Rights and Duties > (SBE) Complaints Regulations.

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Examiners or a decision of an Examiner, you can lodge an appeal to the Examinations Appeal Board (College van Beroep voor de Examens) within six weeks. You may only appeal if a decision has gone directly against your interests. For the entire procedure on how to lodge an appeal, please refer to Student Portal


All official exam results are published within 15 working days after the examination date. You can find these results on Student Portal

Location of the re-sit

It is not possible for you to take a re-sit at your home institution, you have to be in Maastricht. The coordinator at your home institution is aware of this. Exceptions on this rule are not granted and the IRO does not interfere in academic matters. The IRO cannot and will not negotiate this rule with SBE’s academic staff. It is possible to do the re-sit of a course during another academic year than the year in which the original examination was taken. However, note that if the course content has changed considerably, this is no longer possible. Please always check this with the course coordinator at SBE before you contact us to make arrangements.

Notice for fall students: if you decide to come back to Maastricht to take a re-sit for a course taken in period 2 you have to inform the IRO about this, since at the end of the fall semester all students are removed from the information system for students. This means that you will not be able to register for the re-sit in March. So, if you wish to come back for the period 2 re-sits please send an email and we will leave you in the system, in order for you to be able to register for the re-sit. Check Student Portal later on for further details. Make sure you take your UM card and passport or ID card to the re-sit.

Taking re-sits or exams of your home university

Note that if you still have to take certain exams of your home university you are not allowed to do so at our university. You have to return to your home university to take them, or reschedule them so that they do not interfere with your course schedule at SBE. SBE is not able to facilitate exams or resit exams from your home university. 


Plagiarism (fraud) is a matter which is taken very seriously at SBE. It is defined as the unauthorized copying or adoption of texts of others. If you commit plagiarism, or assist or facilitate others in doing so, your assignment and all other results obtained for exam requirements in the relevant period will be marked zero (0) and you will be excluded from the re-sit opportunities in the on-going academic year. If you commit plagiarism during an exam and are therefore expelled from the course, the IRO is entitled to inform your home university. Any form of plagiarism is forbidden. 

Study material

The required literature for courses is always stated in the course book and can be bought at several locations. You can buy your textbooks at different bookstores, such as the SCOPE Bookstore (bring your UM card) and the Study Store. The required books are also available for viewing at the UM Library. Additional readers will be published on Student Portal under My Courses or can be purchased at the Quick Service Point (level G0). 

SCOPE Bookstore 

The SCOPE bookstore is located at Tongersestraat 53 in zone F0. It is only open at the beginning of each education period. The opening hours as well as a list for bachelor’s and master’s books they sell will be published on Student Portal. 

SCOPE members can receive a significant discount in the book-store.
A SCOPE Membership also entails a lot of other benefits. 

For more information or to register as SCOPE member go to Questions about SCOPE or their Bookstore? Mail to: 

Study Store

If you cannot find the books you need at the SCOPE bookstore, you can always go to the Study Store at Tongersestraat 12A. You can try to find the required literature via their online search menu. They also sell second-hand books and at the end of your exchange semester, you can even sell your books to them. For information on their opening hours and location check their webpage.

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is available for free, Monday through Friday at the entrance of the School building at Tongersestraat 53.


Information regarding educational activities such as course openings, lectures, and examinations (for example change of time and/or location) will be published in the Observant, the weekly magazine of UM, free of charge. This information will be found in the announcements section, both in English and Dutch, under SBE. You are expected to consult this column regularly. The Observant appears every Thursday and is available at the School’s entrance hall and at the University library.

Electronic Notice Board

When you enter the School you will notice the big TV screens in the hall as well as on the first floor. On these screens you will find information posted concerning, for example the introduction days, or special events such as open days for prospective students. You are invited to regularly check the information posted there, as it might be interesting to you. Whenever no special event or information is posted, the screens will show the way to certain rooms and halls.

Urgent matters, such as last minute schedule changes (due to a lecturer’s illness for example), announcements concerning deadlines etc., will not usually be posted on the screens, but on Student Portal instead. You are supposed to check the announcements on Student Portal every day just in case. 


MYSBE is the digital SBE news site containing information about the latest SBE news, study information, information about student life, career services and much more. Every week a summary of the latest submissions is sent out toyour UM email account, in the form of a newsletter. Check for the latest submissions.

Extending your stay at SBE

There are different ways to extend your stay at SBE:
Extending your exchange period If you would like to extend your stay as an SBE exchange student you need to keep the following requirements in mind:
• you need to have passed the courses of the first course period during the first examination (re-examinations will not be taken into account);
• your home university needs to grant you permission to extend;
• in addition, the International Relations Office at SBE needs to grant you permission;
• all requests for extension from the fall to the spring semester need to be done by email, at the latest a week before the course registration period for period 4 has ended;
• all requests for extension from the spring to the fall semester (next academic year) need to be done by email, at the latest in the last week of period 5.

Finally, your academic registration needs to be extended. The IRO will take care of this for you. You do not need a new UM card, your old one will still work.

Note for those students who have a residence permit: If you wish to extend your stay in the Netherlands it is up to you to apply for an extension of your residence permit. You need to do this in person at the latest eight weeks before the expiration date on your residence permit. You can turn to UM’s Visa Office for assistance.

Education on contract basis
Many former exchange students decide to take courses on a contract basis in order to prolong their studies at our School, since the maximum possible stay for exchange students is only one academic year. Refer to this website to get more information on contract education.

Becoming a regular student at SBE
If you consider becoming a regular student at our School after your exchange period you should file a request with certified copies of your previous education with the Board of Examiners. This Board decides whether you might be eligible for exemptions from components of the desired study programme. Every application is handled as an individual case and you cannot derive any rights from previous decisions made by the Board of Examiners.

 For more information go to