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Maastricht University is the youngest university in the Netherlands (founded in 1976) and currently has about 17,000 students and 4,000 employees.

The university houses the following disciplines:
• Arts and Social Sciences;
• Business and Economics (SBE);
• Health, Medicine and Life Sciences;
• Humanities and Sciences;
• Law;
• Psychology and Neurosciences.

Its location at the crossroads of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and close to Luxembourg and France, makes it easy for Maastricht University - and SBE in particular- to add a true international dimension to its educational programme. All in all, SBE will for sure prove to be a very interesting study environment for you as exchange student. The educational programme offered at Maastricht University has two unique features:

Problem-Based Learning (PBL):
in fact, UM was the first Dutch institution to adopt the PBL approach to teaching in all of its educational programmes. This method has an interdisciplinary character, meaning that the programme is not based on separate subjects, but on integrated theoretical and practical problems; it is “student centred” rather than 'teacher centred'.

Its strong international perspective.
Especially the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics has developed a strong international orientation in pretty much all of its educational programmes, which helps prepare today’s students - the professionals of tomorrow - for a successful career in a highly globalised environment. They obtain an understanding of international developments in their own field of study, as well as of social and cultural differences. Through the compulsory study abroad SBE’s students not only gain international experience, they also even get the opportunity to learn an additional foreign language apart from English and Dutch.